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General Terms and Conditions for Room Reservations, Events at Hotel Olden

We are delighted that you have chosen Hotel Olden AG. To ensure the success of your stay, we kindly ask you to observe the following terms and conditions. They govern the contractual relationship between you, esteemed guest, and Hotel Olden AG Gstaad (hereinafter referred to as "HO").

1 Reservation and Liability

The reservation agreement and any amendments regarding services of Hotel Olden AG Gstaad become binding for the hotel only when they are confirmed or reconfirmed in writing by both the hotel and the client.

If the organizer (agency/contact person) is not simultaneously the organizer (guest, billing address), the organizer is jointly and severally liable with the client towards HO. If the booking guest registers additional guests, he is liable for the total invoice amount resulting from the reservation. The organizer is responsible for unpaid bills of the participants (e.g., minibar, laundry, telephone, massages, etc.).

2 Deadlines

Deadlines for confirmations are binding for both parties. After the expiration of the option period, the hotel can dispose of all rooms unless a written order confirmation (mutually signed) is provided.

3 Check-in & Check-out

Unless otherwise agreed, room occupancy is available from 3:00 PM on the day of arrival. Rooms must be vacated by 12:00 PM on the day of departure. After this time, the hotel can charge 80% of the full room rate until 6:00 PM, and 100% after 6:00 PM.

4 Number of Participants for Events

The exact number of guests is usually determined shortly before the event. However, we kindly ask you to inform us of the number of guests at least 10 days before your event. A reduced number of guests that is not reported at least 3 days before the event will no longer be considered in the billing.

5 Menu / Wine Selection and Program Flow

HO must receive the final menu and wine selection at least 10 days before the event. Later orders are only possible after consultation. The organizer must inform HO of the exact program schedule at least 48 hours before the event (including special instructions regarding artist performances, speeches, breaks, etc.). HO can guarantee impeccable quality of food and beverages (e.g., coffee breaks, meals, etc.) only if the participants adhere to the agreed times or if the organizer notifies of any changes in a timely manner (at least 2 hours in advance).

6 Corkage Fee

HO does not allow guests to bring their own wine.

7 Rooms / Premises / Facilities

HO reserves the right to provide other rooms than those specified to the organizer for holding the event if providing another room is reasonable for the customer. However, HO undertakes to inform the organizer and, if necessary, the purchaser of this change within a reasonable period.

The infrastructure and facilities require special care. The organizer/guest is liable without proof of fault for any damages or loss of equipment or inventory caused during the stay/event. Damages caused by the organizer or the purchaser must be reported immediately to the responsible management personnel of HO who are currently present. The placement of decoration materials or other items is not permitted without our consent. All decoration materials must comply with fire safety regulations. Decoration material brought by the organizer must be collected within 48 hours after the event. If HO procures technical or other facilities from third parties as agreed, HO acts on behalf of and for the account of the purchaser. The purchaser is liable for careful handling and proper return and indemnifies HO from all third-party claims. If disturbances or defects occur in technical or other facilities provided by us, we will endeavor to remedy them immediately. However, this shall not entitle to withhold or reduce payments.

8 Advertising

Newspaper advertisements and other advertising referring to events at HO require prior written approval from HO.

9 Auxiliary Personnel

The organizer is not entitled to the free provision of auxiliary personnel for the transport and setup of decorations, technical equipment, and other items provided by HO or third parties.

10 Force Majeure

In case of force majeure (fire, flood, etc.), the hotel reserves the right to withdraw from this contract.

11 Advance Payments / Invoicing

The organizer accepts an advance invoice of up to 50% of the total arrangement, unless explicitly and in writing otherwise agreed. The advance payment for group and seminar reservations must be received no later than 30 days before the event. The organizer is liable to HO for payment for any additional food, drinks, and similar items ordered by the event participants. Invoices are payable within 10 days from the invoice date without deduction.

12 Cancellation of Reservation

Cancellations are only accepted in writing. The following costs will be charged unless explicitly and in writing otherwise agreed (based on the written final confirmation): Regular cancellation deadlines Up to 21 days before arrival: no costs 20 - 0 days before arrival: 100% of the overnight stay Cancellation deadlines during high season Up to 60 days before arrival: no costs 59 - 0 days before arrival: 100% of the overnight stay If the canceled room can be re-rented, the costs will be waived. The same rule applies to late vacation starts or early departures.

Hotel Olden AG Promenade 35 3780 Gstaad info@hotelolden.com

For services provided by third parties (rental amounts, catering, organization), their terms and conditions apply - regardless of HO's regulations. In the event of an early departure, the agreed room rate for the remaining duration of your stay will be charged unless the rooms can be rented out further.

13 Miscellaneous

The insurance of brought items is the responsibility of the organizer/guest. The hotel cannot take any responsibility for lost or damaged items. As HO is located in a residential area, fireworks and firecrackers are not allowed throughout the hotel area. The supervision of children is the responsibility of the parents. HO declines all liability for accidents. Sufficient parking spaces are available on the hotel premises upon request. We do not assume any responsibility for any damages to vehicles parked in the HO parking lots. Price changes for room rentals, rooms, food, and beverages are reserved.

14 Applicable Law / Jurisdiction

These general terms and conditions as well as the contracts concluded on this basis are subject to Swiss law. Saanen is agreed upon as the place of performance and jurisdiction.

Gstaad in February 2024 / Hotel Olden AG, Promenade 35, 3780 Gstaad